Comprometidos con la sostenibilidad

Our social and sustainable commitment

As businesses and emerging members of society, we must not overlook our ecological footprint. We therefore work to measure, reduce and explore ways to minimise our impact as much as possible, moving along with social demands, towards more eco-conscious design and a more sustainable business model.


Product, Packaging,
and Waste

Producto, embalaje y residuos

Creating products that reflect our time

We design and develop quality products that meet people's needs, where product durability and its impact is essential for a sustainable society over time. We prioritize functionality, ease of use and a longer life for our product.

All our products have been produced while respecting the environment as much as possible and protecting the people and communities involved in the entire production process.

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Gran durabilidad: 5 años de garantía

Long durability: 5 years warranty

All our products are covered by a 5-year warranty. This, together with our concern for the quality of all materials and production processes and the timeless design provides extra sustainability and durability thanks to the long product life cycle.


Tejidos certificados Oeko-tex: nuevos materiales

OEKO-TEX certified fabrics: new materials

All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, an internationally recognized standard that ensures safety and the absence of harmful substances in textile products.

All our fabrics have been carefully evaluated and meet the strictest criteria in terms of quality and health.

Packaging de origen reciclado

Recycled-origin packaging

Thanks to a global approach, we apply the same criteria to each part and accessory that composes our product, as well as to the blister in which it is packaged. Let's be honest, when it comes to packaging, our blister is made from 100% recyclable material, 80% of which comes from recycled materials.

ECOEMBES: minimizar nuestros residuos

ECOEMBES: Minimizing our waste

Our contribution to a sustainable society includes the concern to minimize, sort and recycle our waste from all our processes: from office paper to the packaging material of our products.

Every year we contribute to the highest rate of plastic and cardboard waste management in ECOEMBES.

Distribution and

Distribución y aprovisionamiento

Reducing our carbon footprint

As a specialist distribution company, we work to consolidate our shipments, optimise loads and volumes and reduce the number of shipments while ensuring customer service levels.

Annually, we review our environmental and transportation policies in collaboration with our suppliers. Our primary goal is to achieve a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices in all areas of our operations.

Logistica y producto de origen Europeo

Logistics and European-origin products

In our quest to promote sustainable practices and reduce our environmental impact, we actively work to prioritise products and manufacturing processes of European origin. This strategic choice aims not only to ensure high quality production, but also to minimize transport and promote environmentally optimal production.

Política de viajes

Travel Policy

Our corporate policy focuses on minimizing the use of airplanes for distances less than 600 km, prioritizing train and bus travel as alternative means of transportation.

This measure aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with our team's travel. By choosing trains and buses, we not only contribute to reducing our carbon footprint but also promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

Compensación de nuestras emisiones de CO2


Our long-term goal is to reduce the emissions generated by our activity. However, we are aware that our current operations still generate carbon emissions. To offset this environmental impact, we compensate for our emissions through investments in projects that promote emissions reduction in other locations.

Compensación de nuestras emisiones de CO2

Each year, we calculate the CO2 emissions from our company and our freight transport, following the international GHG protocol. We compensate our emissions through investments in renewable energy projects, tree plantations or similar initiatives, generally located in developing countries.

These projects would not happen without this type of funding. We always invest in "Gold Standard" products to ensure the highest quality of projects.

Compensación de nuestras emisiones de CO2

In 2022, we managed to offset a total of 113.5 tonnes of emissions through the following projects:

1. Water filtration and improved cookers, Guatemala: water filters and cookers are distributed that allow access to clean water and improve cooking conditions by increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful indoor air pollution. Video
2. Wind energy portfolio, Turkey: This portfolio of projects delivers renewable energy from wind directly to the grid.

Humanly Committed

Humanamente comprometidos

Collaboration with NGOs

We allocate part of our profits to collaborate with carefully selected NGOs, aiming to maximize the impact of our donations. Over the past decade, we have primarily worked with the NGO Hand-in-Hand, whose main focus is poverty reduction in developing countries through entrepreneurship, although they also have other projects.


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One of the projects we collaborate with is "Village Uplifting Program," where our company, as the sole contributor, provides funds for 2 years to a specific village, committing to carrying out a series of projects with these contributions.

These projects are comprehensive and aim to improve the community's quality of life and lead it toward development. In addition to the main aspect, which involves providing financial incentives and education to women entrepreneurs through microfinancing initiatives in self-help groups, aspects related to the community's health and nutrition, the eradication of child labor in schools, the improvement of water infrastructure and the environment, as well as the promotion of civil rights knowledge, are also addressed.

Humanamente comprometidos

So far, we have completed two projects in India (Kilakadi and Kothadi villages) and one in Kenya (Nthunguni village), and in 2024, we will start the fourth project, again in India. Additionally, we make significant annual donations to the NGO Ingenieros de Gipuzkoa, aimed at development projects in the poorest areas of the Congo, as well as supporting the work of Doctors Without Borders.

These collaborations with NGOs are an integral part of our social commitment, and we are proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of disadvantaged communities and support initiatives that have a real impact on people's lives. We will continue to explore new ways of collaboration and seek opportunities to make a positive difference in the world through our donations and charitable actions.

Compromiso social

Our Commitments

Política Medio Ambiental

Environmental Policy

A document outlining our environmental policies. It details our actions and commitments to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in all our processes.

Manifiesto Verde

Green Manifesto

This manifesto is a declaration of our principles and commitments to the environment. In it, we establish our goals, strategies, and specific actions.